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Solutions & Obsolete Electronic Components

In this era of rapidly changing technology, the issue of electronic parts becoming discontinued or obsolete is one that many companies and government entities must fast. What you have been using for the last several years can quickly become part of the ever-growing list of obsolete electronic components. This will provide a challenge in finding and locating replacement parts and a headache in tracking down available discontinued electronic parts.

Odyssey Electronics is dedicated to housing a wide selection of obsolete electronic components for those that need access to them. We not only have a vast selection of discontinued electronic parts and passive components, we also remain dedicated to offering them at the most competitive prices you’ll find. When you need help in identifying the exact match part or a comparable solution, our exceptional representatives are here to help.

Solutions for Today

Once you’ve determined that a critical component is obsolete or discontinued, you’ll want to ensure you have some stock available and lay out a timeline for a more advanced solution. Odyssey Electronics can not only help boost your current inventory of these obsolete electronic components, we can also help identify any similar parts that are still in manufacturing or on the market to provide a viable substitute.

One potential advantage to using discontinued or obsolete parts is the initial drop in price when new technologies emerge. 

Solutions for Tomorrow

Once you’ve determined a short term fix, you’ll want to explore a more long term solution. These may include developing your own parts to replace the obsolete electronic components. Another way to approach the issue may be to change your project or product to accommodate the changes, which ideally and logically, should be the direction in which you wish to head.

Odyssey Electronics is your best source for finding obsolete electronic components. We have a vast selection, offer fast quotes on parts, and get them to you when you need them. Conduct a parts search or request a quote today and you’ll see the difference.


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